Face Remodelage

This deep manual work redefines the oval of the face, tones the skin and gives it back its natural radiance.

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About the Treatment

  • 45 Minutes

    £160 inc. VAT

  • 10 Sessions

    £1,400 inc. VAT

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The Natural Facelift

Because we are convinced that the appearance of your skin is a reflection of your health, we have imagined a manual treatment dedicated to deeply awakening it.

Our Face Remodeling begins with facial relaxation by going up from the trapezius to the skull, we recreate the link between the body and the head by releasing all tension in this area.

Then, from the neckline to the forehead, the expert Martine de Richeville gesture will redefine the oval of the face, drain the lymph and activate blood circulation to increase the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

The skin instantly regains radiance and texture, it is healthier, naturally protected from aggression and the passage of time.